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  • A personalizable stylish photo frame

  • Provide a simple, user-friendly way to access and display user content stored in the cloud

  • No power, no wiring, no device maintenance needed

Link Your Favorite Video, Album, Story 

  • support your content in Google Photos, iCloud, Youtube, or even your personal network storage as long as it is cloud accessbile

Access Your Story At Your Fingertip (2).png

Access Them With Just A Simple Scan

Tell your story without losing the moments (2).png

Tell Your Story Easily

  • No more flipping through hundreds of photos, tenth of albums​

  • Just scan to tell 

  • No spoiling the social moment

Bring Fond Shared Memories Back Often

  • Place EZ FRAME at living room or where you and your love ones have your eyeballs on

  • When the moment is right, just scan to play your shared memories

Show your love without losing the moment.png
Update Your Content, Stories, Memories As It Goes or With New Thoughts.png

Track & Share Important Life Events

  • Capture important life moments

  • Update them as they evolve

  • Review or share with love ones easily 

Absolutely No Power, No Wiring, No Device Maintenance Needed

No power needed, no maintainenace (3).png
  • Just place where it fits within your environment

  • Place as many as you need without dealing with power outlet and wire management

  • Great for distant families

Access Your Story At Your Fingertip.png

Privacy Protected

  • Temporary block content access during a home party event

  • First geo-fencing capable photo frame in its category


A Beautiful Home, Office Decoration Just By Itself

Quality photo frame

Stylish designed with functions

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