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EZ FRAME Use Scenarios

Inspired By Our Users

Traveling With Friends

Go-Away Gift For A Visiting Friend

  • The host friend uses the sightseeing photos they took in the past few days to make a short video

  • She links the video to the EZ FRAME

  • At the day of her friend departing, she gives the EZ FRAME to them as a go-away gift

love memory collections (2).png

Express Love & Appreciation At Your Special Occasion

  • Place the EZ FRAME at the dinning room where it captures your love one's eyeballs easily 

  • Link an album containing a collection of love memories, shared photos to it

  • Scan and show the content to the love ones

wedding reception use case (3).png

Event Display At A Wedding Reception

  • Couple creates and links a "Wedding reception" album to an EZ FRAME

  • Selects and places engagement photos and other special moments leading up to the wedding onto the album 

  • EZ FRAMEs are placed on each dinning tables for all of their guests to enjoy

Tell your story without losing the moments (2).png

Story Telling Tool At A Party

  • Host links a video about a story shared with his guests onto an EZ FRAME 

  • Hang the EZ FRAME at the party premise for guests to view

  • Scan and play the shared video when the conversation leads to around the photo on the EZ FRAME

Gift For Distant Grandparents

  • Parents link an album capturing their kid's fun photos to an EZ FRAME

  • Send the EZ FRAME to their parents as a gift

  • Grandpa hangs it on the wall of their dinning room - no power needed, no device maintenance ever

  • Grandparents scan and view the new stories about their grandchild at their leisure time - no search at all

Update Your Content, Stories, Memories As It Goes or With New Thoughts_edited_edited_edite

Pregnancy Journal

  • Track 10 months baby growth

  • Mom update content with major baby activities, i.e. baby ultrasound images, growth of belly, first kick, etc.​

  • Two EZ FRAME - one at mom-to-be home and one at grandparent-to-be house

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