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EZ FRAME - include a quality photo frame, a modern stylish print with your personalized photo, custimizable text, and an easy-content-access QR code to access your cloud content, free EZX app access, and EZ FRAME Cloud Services (Free-Tier)

EZFRAME - Style 100 - Story Telling | Memory Collections Edition

SKU: EZF-5x7-BLK-V-M100
Frame Color
  • The Style 100 is designed to use with landscape aspect (i.e 4x3) photo. Please avoid using vertical aspect photo or your photo would either have two blank stripes on the sides or be cut-off to fit into the display area.  

    For better look and feel of the frame print, please provide a high resolution photo. i.e. larger than 1MB in size but please don't send more than 5MB.

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