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Capture & Share Your Moments, Memories, Stories At Your Or Your Love Ones's Fingertip

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Personalized Your EZ FRAME

  • Select a photo and provide custom-text that highlight your story or bring out the best of your fond memories 

  • Send them to us - we will use them to make your customized EZ FRAME

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Link Content Of Your Choice

  • Link a video, album, Memory, file located at your cloud storage with the EZ FRAME 

  • Link is done simply by copy-and-paste a "share link" of your selected content from a cloud storage to the EZ FRAME 

  • Support Google Photos, Google Drive, Apple Photos, iCloud Drive, Youtube, or any cloud accessible content

link cloud content with EZF (3).png
Scan to play your content.png

View Content With Just A Scan From A Mobile Device

  • View the content by scanning the embedded QR code on the EZ FRAME using any of your mobile devices

  • A digital version of the EZ FRAME will be presented and the content is accessible with just a click 

  • No app download needed (great for your guests)

  • No more searching through hundreds, thousands of photos, or keep your guests waiting while browsing through multiple folders

Update Your Content Anytime

  • As new ideas pop-up, when new memories being created, or as your stories evolved, simply login to your EZX account using a browser on your mobile devices to update your content source

  • Your new content would be accessible right away from your EZ FRAME

Update Content Anytime.png
Protect Your Privacy.png

Protect Your Privacy With Design & Settings

  • Purpose designed for users to update their content on their own - NO need to send the shared content to us ever at all

  • When you have occasions or certain circumstance, you don't want content to be accessible (i.e. when hosting a large part), EZ FRAME scheduled based access control can temporary turn off the content access for you

  • Protect your privacy by allowing users to temporary turn off content accessibility and limit content access only at a certain geo location, i.e. your home and/or the grandparent's

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