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Activate EZ FRAME At The First Time

Before activating your EZ FRAME at the first time, make sure you sign-in or sign-up into your EZX account first.  

Below are steps including sign-in/sign-up into an EZX account. If you are already signed-in to your EZX account, you can go to step 5 below directly to activate your EZ FRAME.

Step-by-step to activate your EZ FRAME at the first time:

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Sign in with Google” button. 

3. Go through the Sign-in process

4. Upon successful Sign-in, you will see your EZX user home page.

5. Scan the QR code on your EZ FRAME

6. Click on “Activate” button 

7. Upon success of the activation, you will see the following screen.

That’s it.  Now, your EZ FRAME is activated and added into your EZX account.

Note: if you scan the QR code on the EZ FRAME without login to your EZX account first, you will see the following page to ask you to sign in first.  You can click on the “Sign-in or Sign-up” button and then go to the step 2 above to complete your activation.

What next?

  • You can scan the QR code on the EZ FRAME and view your linked content

  • You can update and manage your EZ FRAME anytime by login into your EZX account at and “My EZ FRAME”

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