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A Proud Parent Uses EZ FRAME To Tell The Story About Her Kid's Recent Accomplishment

Wall of Fame Enriched

A Proud Parent Uses EZ FRAME To Tell The Story About Her Kid's Recent Accomplishment

Sophia is a talent piano student. She has given many recitals and performance at her local community. Recently, she participates a state level competition and has won a 2nd place.

Isabella, the proud mom of Sophia, has been building a "Wall of Fame" for Sophia piano accomplishments in their living room at home. It has attracted many families, friends, visitors. Many ask Isabella and Sophia to tell more about them and some even wish to hear about Sophia's amazing performance.

While Isabella took many photos and videos about each of Sophia performance and even organized them into album in her iCloud Photos, finding them at spot when the guests are asking was not straightforward. Yet picking fews that can show the stories well within this kind of impromptu, short social moment is even harder.

Isabella wants to be able to response her guests asks better. This also helps greatly to motivate Sophia about her piano study.

This is why when Isabella discovers EZ FRAME from COOZII, she decides to use EZ FRAME to capture the recent Sophia's accomplishment.

With EZ FRAME, Isabella is able to customize the frame to represent Sophia accomplishment in this time. She selects a photo where Sophia is holding a plaque showing her 2nd place from the state competition as the cover photo for the EZ FRAME Style 100. She also has locations of the competition, dates, and name of the competition text on the EZ FRAME. When Isabella receives her personalized EZ FRAME, she places the EZ FRAME onto her Wall of Fame. She then links an album which contains few photos that best to tell the story about how Sophia won the competition, as well as a video capturing her performance from the competition.

As usual, in a next party that Isabella is hosting, some guests are attracted to this Wall of Fame of Sophia and ask about this recent amazing accomplishment shown on the EZ FRAME. Unlike the past, in this time, Isabella simply asks their guests to scan the QR code on the EZ FRAME using their phone. The album capturing this specific accomplishment is shown on the spot. Isabella uses the photos within the album to tell the story about how Sophia worked toward winning the competition. She even play the video by casting it on her TV in the living room for the guest to listen.

Both guests and hosts are enjoying the learning and telling of Sophia accomplishment. Isabella is a proud mom, but more importantly, Sophia is feeling rewarded about her hard work in preparing the competition.

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